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  • About Us

Welcome to Shire Web Development! We specialise in delivering extremely powerful websites with masses of functionality, all for incredibly affordable prices. Consequently we are a very popular solution for social groups, charities and other smaller organisations that need high quality at low cost.

So whether you’re looking for a brand spanking new website or to bring your existing web presence up to date with the ever evolving technologies, you’ve come to right place.

Our Social Mission

While we are a leading edge web development company, we are also a social enterprise specialising in most aspects of digital media and online services. Our profits are reinvested in the company creating training and job opportunities for young people while in education and for those who are unemployed.

Through a combination of working in a vibrant team environment, utilising some of the latest digital technologies and serving real clients, our staff and trainees always make a great leap in both their confidence and employability. This programme has proven to be a successful stepping stone for progressing individuals into the workplace and helping them become economically active.

Experienced and skilled at provision of web-site. Good collaborative working with communications to discover likes and dislikes and put forward further options for thought and deliberation. Thank you!

Doulla M. Doulla M.